Socks Dressing Aid – Only £335

£335.00 + VAT (UK)

Do you struggle and strain to get your socks on? What used to be simple and effortless is now almost impossible for you? Help is just a few clicks away!

The ‘YourSocksOn Dressing Aid’ will give you back your freedom

Product Description

The YourSocksOn Dressing Aid is a unique, quality-constructed personal assistant that is the result of extensive research and development.  It does, exactly what it says – helps you get your socks on, with ease! Made in New Zealand of high quality, durable components. And for peace of mind it comes with a full 12-month warranty.


Weight: 8.5kg
Height: 120 cm
Base: 40 x 60 cm
Folded Length: 126 cm x 40 cm
Colour: Black and anodised aluminium